3rd ToK Workshop was organized by CINI-UNIFI in collaboration with other partners. Workshop was organized on Thursday, 7 May, 2020. There were 14 participants in total three from UC, one from uniandes, four from cini/unifi, one from resiltech, two from BME, two from UNICAMP and one from INPE.

Three presentations were delivered during workshop. There details are mentioned below.

During his secondment Leonardo Montecchi has worked together with RCL researchers on multiple projects. With Andrea Ceccarelli he discussed the work performed by Elder and Lucas, two students from UNICAMP that are also seconded at CINI-UNIFI. With Paolo Lollini he discussed the implementation of an Eclipse based editor for Stochastic Activity Networks templates and future direction for joint research. Besides that, a project proposal to a Brazil-Italy joint call was prepared and submitted, with topics related to ADVANCE.

LADC is the major Latin-American event on computer system dependability. LADC'2019 was held in Brazil at the city of Natal/RN from November 19 to 21, at the Instituto Metróplole Digital (IMD) premises of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN). 

The award of  Best Paper was given to a research paper titled "Performability Analysis of a Tramway System with Virtual Tags and Local Positioning" co-authored by Professor Paolo Lollini (CINI - UNIF), Professor Andrea Bondavalli (CINI - UNIFI) and Diamantea Mongelli (CINI - Resiltech).

Lucas Carvalho Leal is a joint PhD student at Unicamp and Unifi. He is under Prof. Andrea Ceccarelli's supervision at Unifi and Prof. Eliane Martins' at Unicamp. He has started his six months secondment at Unifi on November, 2019. His current research focus is on the use of run-time monitoring data to generate and update behavior models of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), and their application to performing run-time CPS testing. 

He is also working on model transformation and generation from System-of-Systems behavior descriptors to apply on run time model-based testing processes in cooperation with Prof. Leonardo Montecchi. In his seminar at CINI-UNIFI he presented a self-adaptable framework to automate the model-based testing process. The research started as an investigation of run time regression tests on service orchestrations, however, the results brought him close to Model Driven Engineering and Run time System Monitoring, which now are the main goals of his PhD research. 

The 1st Workshop on vAlidation and verification in FuturE cybeR-physical Systems (WAFERS) will be co-Located with the LADC 2019 Conference (Latin-American Dependable Computing) on November 19th Natal, Brasil.

The goal of the workshop is to provide a common forum where researchers from across the world can debate new research ideas and directions on novel dependability assessment approaches for cyber-physical and complex systems by gathering researchers and practitioners working on cypher-physical research topics and related areas such as data communication in cyber-physical networks, safety and security of cyber-physical and critical systems, automated verification and validation of critical systems.

The workshop featured invited papers presenting ongoing research projects, three talks presenting the accepted papers, and a panel discussion shared with LADC.